Thursday, August 14, 2014

KDP Introduces Preorders

Only a couple days after I voice the expectation, Amazon shows once again they'll never let a competitor do anything alone for long. Just got an email about Preorders now being open to KDP users. I'll definitely be using it for my next release, at the very least to learn the system.

Not sure how much of a bump a low-seller like me will experience from preorders - Smashwords says all preorders will accrue to the sales on the first day, giving a boost to sales rank which in turn increases the likelihood of the book being marketed to other readers as a "maybe you'd like this too!" offer. I imagine the same will be true of the KDP system.

At first glance it seems that Preorders will be available to ALL KDP users, not just Select as I half-expected when I saw the email. Hopefully that's true, and will not change.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Echoes and Memories

My newest publication, Echoes and Memories, is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. As per the usual cycle, it will soon trickle out from Smashwords to the various other retailers such as Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

In the end, I cut a couple of the stories from the collection as they simply weren't strong enough. One of those I hope to whip into shape and put in front of the public at a later date. The other I'm not sure about... it has potential as an idea, but as-is it just doesn't have enough substance to stand on its own. The concept may need to get folded into another story.

Anyway, the end result is that this collection comes in at around 30k words, which is about the minimum it had to be for me to think it could be published, even when the stories themselves are strong. I have half an intention to eventually publish an updated version which inserts a new story. Cuz I'm a self-publisher damnit, and I can do that.

As I was going through the publication process on this one, I saw that Smashwords now has a "publish for preorder" option where you can schedule a publication date in the future and open the book up to preorders. Might try that for the next book. Maybe by that time Amazon will have something similar for indie publishers.