Monday, April 16, 2012

Better Late than Never!

"The Giant of the Tidesmouth" is now up at both Smashwords and Amazon (those are links! Click them! CLICK THEM BOTH!).

If you're the type who likes his fantasy filled with the ring of steel on steel, you're going to like this one. As I mentioned in this post, "Giant" has more fighting than the previous entries. I don't want the Wandering Tale to become all sword-and-sorcery (well, without the sorcery... so just swords-y I guess) but it is an awful lot of fun to write.

I hope you enjoy this latest novella. Even after editing it rang in at 25k words, a good bit longer than the others. You'll have to tell me if you think it's as tightly told as the others!

No, seriously. Tell me. It's so quiet around here...

I cannot be certain about the exact time frame for the next story, but I'm still shooting for a one-month-to-publish deadline - and I think I can make it this time. The next one will be called "The Merchant of Menace" (with apologies to The Bard).

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