Thursday, May 31, 2012

Audio vs Video vs Imagination

In spare moments here and there I've been working on scripts for both audio teasers and video teasers for Twixt Heaven and Hell. It's been a lot of fun.

The only problem is, I'm having trouble writing a good video teaser without any "special effects." That means pretty much anything beyond regular people in costume moving about in the woods. I can get a decent ways... but this book is about the eternal battle between Angels and Demons. It has wizards, and magic, and fortresses and a big city and I can't show any of that.

Hmm.... maybe I can still figure something out. Though basically it just makes me want to learn to do CGI.

On the other hand, the audio teaser is coming along well. I've just completed a 'proof of concept' recording that I think will do nicely. Even if I do manage to get a video done for one teaser, I'll definitely release this audio one as well. It has a significantly different feel, and a different narrator. One with wings.


  1. For the video teaser:

    An old wizard by a crackling fire, a few villagers gathered around him in the gloom. He tells of the horror and majesty of [the book story]. Clearly, he's been scarred by the experience, haunted. The camera pans to the faces of those gathered around him. Looks of awe, horror, and pity reflect the love and compassion these people have for the storyteller.

    Last line... "but I must tell their tale, though my heart breaks to invoke the dead from the rest they paid for so dearly." or some such. Then pan to shadows, title comes up... and we're out.

  2. "He tells of the horror and majesty of [the book story]."

    Heh, I like that line. And yes, I might be doing something along these lines, but I have been trying to come up with something dynamic rather than one dude basically monologuing. Though that would certainly make casting easier...