Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Don't Watch the Pot

When I released TWIXT, I decided to not check the sales stats for a week. Then, in a moment of either stupidity or willpower, I bet myself I could go two weeks.

Well, I'm into day three, and I'm getting a little twitchy. The link is right there in my browser history. It would be so easy to click it and check up on my sales. Not just for TWIXT, of course - but all my books...

But I won't. Slavishly checking those numbers every hour is a waste of my time. It's a habit that needs to broken. I will continue my promotion efforts (poor as they are), but I won't try to analyze their results. I don't think I'm at a point where any effort I have will really have discernible results. Later on, there is always Amazon Author Central to track ups and downs in actual sales.

In other news, I'm intending to release a deleted chapter from TWIXT soon, along with the dedicated TWIXT HEAVEN AND HELL book page on the blog. It's a good chapter, but was axed from the book due to having only a tangential relation to the main plot. I think people who read the book will enjoy it.

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