Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reality Knocks

Well, this is probably odd coming after the last post (over a month ago, no less) but I'm having a rough month, writing-wise. I haven't managed to get much down onto the page, and instead was spending much of my scarce leisure time in programming and game-design related activities.

This isn't unusual for me. I tend to do things in spurts - focus on one hobby for awhile, and then another. The difference this time is, of course, that I'm trying to move writing from "hobby" to "income source" and become at least semi-professional with it. However, given that I already have one job and am attempting to finish up this pesky "getting a degree" situation, the pressure to write ended up turning sour on me. I decided to give myself a few weeks break.

Where does this put me? Clanless certainly won't be done by the end of the year, though the next Wandering Tale title will be, and I hope a couple more short stories. We'll see how things go on that second novel, but my headspace is so stuffed right now that scratching and scraping to find time to write was starting to burn me out.

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