Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Year Ahead

I do not know - and hold no expectations for - how 2013 will turn out, business-wise. Much like last year, I intend to concentrate on putting good, solid stories down and presenting them attractively.

Immediate Goals:

My projects for the start of the year are really the same projects I had at the close of 2012, which I left largely unfinished.

  • Finish (and find a new title for!) the 4th Wandering Tale novella
  • Release the first Wandering Tale Collection, complete with a nice map and some additional goodies for those that like invented history and world-building.
  • Record Le Morte d'Arthur for release as an audiobook (nearly complete already).
For the year at large, these are what I like to think of as my "realistic" goals. Some less-likely ones may come up in a later post.

Finish that second novel (and with luck, a third as well)
Clanless will be my primary writing project once I'm done with the Wandering Tale collection. I may have missed being the first on the Roundtable Podcast's "Knights of the Roundtable," but I for damn sure won't be far behind! Furthermore, as they themselves made clear to me, Clanless will require a sequel.

Begin recording The Wandering Tale
Though I had grand plans for a multi-voiceactor recording for Swordsman of Carn Nebeth, I see now that I simply don't have the time to orchestrate such an undertaking without putting aside too much else. Thus, it will have to wait - and in the meantime, I'll just do a single-voice recording featuring yours truly. It will require multiple accents and some funny voices.

Release books in print
This only applies to novels or novel-lengths. I do not currently intend to release individual Wandering Tale stories in print (that's part of what the collections are for). It will require further proofing and design, so chances are this will happen later in the year.

It's going to be a good year, methinks.

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