Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Playing with the Price

I'm considering conducting another experiment with pricing. In the course of the last experiment I noted little to no difference in my sales. Of course, my sales are still slow enough that I have only a few data points to go on, and chances are price isn't really influencing them in the first place.

This time, however, I may accompany the pricing experiment with a few announcements on various boards and social networkings sites. It's been over six months since the book was released and I rarely mentioned it (save here on the blog) - I figure I've earned myself the right to do a little advertising.


  1. I agree that simply a price change will likely have less effect as compared to the change coupled with promotional efforts.

    Good luck and hope you find new readers.

    1. Thanks. Chances are even if I manage to shake loose a few more sales I probably won't be able to determine if the prices had much to do with it, but oh well. We try things. Sometimes they even work.