Sunday, December 11, 2011

So it begins

I've been writing as long as I can remember, but it was only in high school that it occurred to me - due to the words of a friendly creative writing teacher -  that other people might want to read my stories. Since then, I've had publishing on the mind.

I had the usual dream: Write novel, amaze agent, get contract, enjoy fame. Fortunately I'm a realist, and never held any illusions as to the likeliness of this dream coming true. I knew the odds were against me making it big. When I presented that fact in all its sobering glory to my conscious mind, the answer I greeted it with surprised even me.

"Who cares?" I replied to myself. "I just want some people to read my work."

It's an important realization, I think. If you can't be realistic about your chances you're all to likely to become disappointed and disillusioned with the long slow slog. So I humbled my dreams. I'd love to make it big - who wouldn't? - but my goal is just to get my work out there where people might enjoy it. Maybe I'll even earn something. For a long time this meant putting my shoulder to the wheel with my writing and trying to find an agent.

Then ePublishing comes along.

At the beginning of the year I looked at the possibility of self-publishing my book or some of my shorts as eBooks, and decided against it. Not ready, too small, too filled with dross. Here we are only eight, maybe nine months later, and I've changed my mind.

My, how the publishing world has changed in such a short time. eBooks are rapidly gaining in popularity, there are more and more channels to market and display your work, and most importantly - the up-front costs are the same as traditional publishing. (None).

I'm still hoping to publish my first novel traditionally, but I'm rapidly warming to the idea of ePublishing it. For now, though, I'll test the waters with other work. It's exciting to watch industry change - I just hope I can keep up with it!

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