Friday, January 27, 2012

Launch of my first eBook

The Swordsman of Carn Nebeth is now live on Amazon and Smashwords! Eventually it'll be on the Barnes and Noble and Apple stores as well, once Smashwords ships their most recent list...

Amazon: Find it Here

Smashwords: Find it Here

Okay, technically this is my second eBook, but Le Morte d'Arthur (also available at both of the above) doesn't really count. A) It's free and B) It was meant more as a test of technologies, so I could get used to formatting, uploading, etc. Worked as that (and certainly more people have read it, if Smashwords downloads are any indication) but still, I consider Swordsman my real first entry.

I currently have two stories in the pipeline publication - one, the Three Fingers of Death, is previewed in the Swordsman eBook. They are both part of The Wandering Tale (more on that later). I figure I'll publish that next month. The other, Ogre, is unrelated and I'm not sure on the timetable.

According to Amazon, Swordsman has already sold 4 copies. That doesn't amount to much in dollars and cents, but it certainly helps the ego. I only hope I'll start garnering a review here and there soon. If you're reading this, remember to review the things you like! (sigh... and the things you don't like, I suppose). Internet reviews may be suspect, but they can sway people.

Now, to try and focus on getting non-writerly things done and quit obsessively refreshing my stats pages.

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