Friday, January 13, 2012

Pretty Pictures and eBook Formatting

Finalized the cover for my first published story. You may note that I published it before now, and that is because I didn't know I would have a better cover until yesterday. Here it is, in all it's glory:

A pretty drastic improvement over the crap I put up at first. I love finding helpful artists! This is the work of the excellent Graham Hanks. That is a link to his website. Visit. Oggle. He branched out a bit with me, having not done much in the way of sci-fi visuals. Some people have all the talent... not that I'm complaining.

In this case.

In other news, I'm experimenting with the formatting of my first eBook a bit more. Trying a few tips and tricks I've found in the dark corners of the net. After I dusted them off, they seemed like they might actually work. I want my books looking as professional as possible. I don't want any of that 'self-pubbed' stigma getting on me. It's a bitch to wash off.

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