Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Launch: The Crown Unconquered

The Crown Unconquered is officially published and available for sale on both Amazon and Smashwords. In a couple weeks it should be available in all major eBook retailers as the Smashwords gears turn. If you like stories of court politics and intrigue, you'll love The Crown Unconquered.

"Since its destruction, the survivors of the Kingdom of Valec have labored to restore their homeland. As the last member of the royal bloodline, Count Daven has been their leader. He has kept them safe and secret from the many enemies of the fallen kingdom, even as he seeks to pass the burden of rule on to other men.

Now the time for secrecy has passed. Trouble between their old foes calls Daven to a foreign court, where he must convince the King of Normarch – who played a prominent part in Valec's downfall – to recognize the rights of his people. If Daven can make new friends of old enemies, his people will have a future.

If not, then the fast-approaching war will reduce his people – and their fledgling kingdom – to ash."
 Buy it on Amazon here.

But it on Smashwords here.

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