Monday, March 25, 2013

Kind Words for the Wandering Tale

Pauline M. Ross of Fantasy Review Barn (and who had also reviewed Twixt Heaven and Hell last year) has posted a review of all four Wandering Tale novellas.

I especially like the part where she refers to the recently released The Crown Unconquered as "absolutely perfect." I don't know. Something about the way she phrased it... just rolls off the tongue. ;)

Pauline also mentions the lack of a map, and to both her and you I promise that a map will be coming soon. It will be included in the first Wandering Tale collection along with a few other extras - but the map, at least, will also be posted to this blog in a larger format than it can appear in an eBook.


  1. I picked up the first on her review and really enjoyed it. I'm off to pick up the other three and burn through those as well. :)

    1. Great! I hope you find the rest at least as enjoyable as she did. And if you should feel moved to leave a review or tell a friend or two, well... I wouldn't mind at all! ;)

    2. Believe me when I say I would love to, but as an author (though I use the word loosely) myself, Amazon no longer allows us to review each other. I'll definitely recommend them around though.

      I assume Twixt Heaven and Hell is set in the same world? What is the chronology of the novel and all the shorts?

    3. Ah, indeed. My Amazon account which I actually make purchases on is different than my publishing account, yet still I notice my reviews have disappeared in a couple cases.

      As for Twixt - No, it is not in the same world. Twixt Heaven and Hell is a different beast, both in tone and setting (despite my use of the word "Nebeth" in both). I hope you decide to read it as well, but don't expect more of the Wandering Tale. :)